Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Inconvenient Truth or A Convenient Lie? Rough Draft

An Inconvenient Truth, documentary made famous by “used to be the next President of the United States” Al Gore, directed by Davis Guggenheim, brings attention to how we, the people, are causing changes to the environment. Fortunately for the success of the documentary, unfortunately for the outlook of intelligence across the U.S., not many Americans knew this.  More specifically, though, Gore talks to America about “climate change” and “global warming”. He speaks about the Keeling curve (measure of CO² in the atmosphere), the melting glaciers at the Poles, and chart-topping record temperatures occurring over the past 10 out of 14 years. Gore presents everything: numbers, charts, pictures, and emotions; however, many skeptics think anyone (especially genetically-engineered bullshitting machines, or politicians) can pull numbers and emotion out of their ass, as well as use the widely available Photoshop program. My quest is to find whether Gore is really presenting America with “an inconvenient truth” or a career-boosting, money making, “convenient lie” by comparing his facts to other published, scientific facts. No amount of distinguished grey hair should qualify former Vice President Al Gore to comment on an issue he constantly calls “moral” rather than “political”. This is why we, the people, must seek truth, but never stop questioning authority.
Link to: An Inconvenient Truth

Before I start going into extreme detail, I figured the most important thing to do for the occasional blog reader is post a link to An Inconvenient Truth on Google Video. I will be readdressing every issue Gore presents, I just like to give my viewer the same opportunity for information as I do. Whether I like him or not, Gore does have his place in public speaking. He speaks with passion and (mild) intelligence throughout the documentary, which might make the average viewer think he is more credible than he actually is, but I digress.


  1. Good proposal. How is it coming? Did you read the selection in the Apocalypse reader?

  2. Hey Danny--

    Al Gore's documentary certainly has a lot of controversy surrounding it--even years after its release.

    One thing that might improve your proposal is less bias. I think it is all right to take a firm stance on whether or not you agree/disagree with what Gore presents, but not until all of the facts are introduced and discussed. Otherwise it seems like you are simply insulting Gore. It undermines your ethos a little bit.

    Have you considered adding any pictures? It would give the reader something to entertain their eyes while they read. Oh! A minute/few minute video from "An Inconvenient Truth" would be cool too so the reader wouldn't have to watch an entire movie to get the gist of Gore's documentary.

  3. @Ashley
    I tried to make it a point that I am opposing Gore (because I plain out don't like him), but the facts are still all present and I try to steer clear of bias. Pretty much, Gore presents his facts which are one side, and I present the rest of the facts. If anyone, Gore should question his bias.