Monday, May 2, 2011

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Climate Change - How it is effecting life now and what we need to do


  1. Just per our discussion:

    Review "An Inconvenient Truth" and take note of some of his claims. You will want to juxtapose Gore's statistics with other sources.

    Article in the Apocalypse Reader.

  2. Al Gore may be full of shit, but it's impossible to say he hasn't made an impact on the world. The advancement of fuel efficient automobiles and recycling are two off the top of my head. But he's undeniably responsible for, pardon my terminology, scaring the shit out of humans. The info he was presenting may of been half assed but it did kick start a generation of worried pessimists. We've never been able to control the weather, only forecast. Just like the brilliant weatherwomen and men who provide us with their knowledge of the skies, Gore can only predict disaster. And predict disaster he did.

  3. You make him seem a bit more noble than he is. I don't think he presented half-truths to scare the American people into being innovative and creative to solve these problems; Gore was interested in what we all are interested in...the moolah. I'm sure Gore would take credit for that, though.